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of trust the general himself called unacceptable. nbc bay area's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> the sudden fall of cia chief david petraeus has washington asking how and why. and the woman suddenly in the spotlight, author paula broadwell, isn't saying. back in january, she was promoting her book on the general. >> he absolutely loves the agency, and i think it's a great place for him. >> broadwell, a west point graduate and arm reserve officer had close access to the cia director. federal agents are investigating whether she had access to his e-mails or computer. >> my understanding is that the fbi's investigation into what took place on computers there did not -- was not necessarily focused on him. they came by the information by accident. >> law enforcement and multiple u.s. sources tell nbc news that e-mails between general petraeus and paula broadwell were indicative of an aextramarital affair. nbc was unable to reach paula for a comment. in his resignation letter, the retired four-star general revealed had he "show extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital
in washington. >> reporter: at a little book store just outside the nation's capital president obama and his daughters were thinking small. >> we can do a little shopping as well. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> reporter: on this small business saturday the president chose to lead by example. giving a boost to the small businesses that often get lost in the holiday sales shuffle. >> small businesses are the job creators. two out of every three met new private sector jobs are created by a small business. >> reporter: and those small business owners are counting on their neighbors for survival. >> just don't have that kind of budget, just advertising with the mega marketing. it's nice to still be remembered and small business saturday is the best time that people notice us. ♪ >> reporter: christmas traditions like this seem almost quaint when compared to the new face of the holidays. big chain stores got their holiday season off and running, even before the traditional black friday feeding frenzy. they're hoping an extra shopping week this year can boost their bottom lines to nearly $600 b
in washington, d.c. with the latest on the race with 95 hours to go until the first polls close. good evening. >> reporter: 95, well that. >> can't spin that number. but both sides are spinning the unemployment number of 7.9, disagreeing about the significance of it. but agreeing oddly, they don't agree on much, especially this close to the end, on the importance of the number 18, the electoral votes of ohio that both candidates badly need. so close to the end, you know they're in ohio. mitt romney in etna. >> i'm counting on you. >> president obama in hilliard, caking credit for the auto bailout. >> in toledo, where chrysler is add mortgage than a thousand new jobs on a second shift, not in china, right here in ohio. >> reporter: it paid off for him, a two-point lead in ohio polls. >> this morning we learned the companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> reporter: it's the last jobs report before the vote. 7.9% unemployment, slightly worse. 171,000 new jobs, better than expected, but not great. >> 300,000 really is where we want to be relative to wh
is just 31 years old. swalwell says he will help end gridlock in washington. he says it won't be easy, but his youth and optimism will hill. >> the 113th congress will be the youngest, most inexperienced congress in the history of congress. and i see that not as a liability, but as an opportunity. >> swalwell turns 32 next week and will be the second youngest member after 31-year-old aaron schock of illinois. congressman stark, who was first elected in 1972, did not grant any interviews today and left a campaign event last night without talking to any reporters. he did however issue a statement that reads it has been my honor to serve the female of the east bay for the last 40 years. i congratulate mr. swalwell on his victory. i am happy to be of assistance in the future. >>> this new congress in washington will have a feminine touch more than ever. 20 women snores, which is the most in the u.s. history. there are currently 17. three new women were elected in five states. and all six democratic women up for reelection won their races. that includes san francisco's dianne feinstein, wh
this morning in washington, as you can see. she shared the stage with other female democratic house members. they all gathered right there behind her there is plenty of talk that the 72-year-old pelosi would step down. some washington insiders said she would hinder president obama as he tries to work with republicans. pelosi was first elected to the house of representatives in 1987. >>> pioneer john mcafee is still on the run tonight from police in belize, and now the prime minister is urging him to surrender, calling mcafee, quote, extremely paranoid and bonkers. the 67-year-old is wanted for questioning since sunday when his neighbor was found shot to death. mcafee is in touch with some in the tech world, telling them he is hiding from police for fear he is being framed. he says he is on the move frequently, and has dyed his hair and beard. mcafee says he is being harassed by police and believes before in april they raided his home for guns and drugs, but no charges were ever filed. but last thursday mcafee appeared at a public ceremony where he donated equipment to the police department.
's not interested in engaging in politics. >>> washington is getting ready for the return of congress next week, where they will address the so-called fiscal cliff. votes are still being counted in florida. lawmakers are also counting, 53 days until the fiscal cliff. with steep cuts and tax hikes will take effect if congress cannot agree on how to intervene. >> boehner's position is where it was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago. don't raise taxes, have pro economic growth policies and the government will get more revenue. not from higher taxes, but from more people working. >> in an associated press exit poll tuesday, vote irs agreed with both parties, half saying tax the rich more, and half saying, shrink government. >>> meanwhile, another down day for wall street. stocks fell over increasing concerns over lawmaker's ability to solve the fiscal cliff. the dow was down 121 points and ended the day at 12811. this follows yesterday's drop of 300 points. >>> closer to home, voters passed prop 30. many students aren't exactly celebrated. more than 100 students rallied on campus this aftern
of washington legalized same-sex marriage. >>> the puppeteer who performs elmo on "sesame street" is taking a leave of absence after having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. 62-year-old kevin clash insists he broke no laws and the relationship was between two consenting adults. sesame's workshop says its own investigation cleared him, but it is suspending him for its policy on internet use. other puppeteers are prepared to fill in for clash during his absence. clash is usually behind the scenes as elmo oh voice. he published his autobiography and was the subject of a documentary just last year. >> and we'll be back in a moment. >>> the gender gap is narrowing on the roadways. now it's reversed. the university of michigan found more women than men are now driving. in 2010, more than a million more licenses were issued to women than men. an author of the study says the trend could change the landscape of the auto industry as women are more likely to buy smaller, safer, and more fuel-efficient cars. >> more women than men. >> more women. >> stay away from any comments on that. thanks for
into the weather boards. what we have happening is a ton of moisture, now up into washington and oregon. that's for the strongest part of this storm system will go. for us, we'll get the bottom edge of it. it's going to be very slow to produce rainfall for us. but we do think we'll pick up anywhere from a quarter to a half inch with this. not going to be as strong as what we had this past weekend. and winds could go 15 to 25 miles per hour. so here we go. for tonight, by 11:00 p.m., we're only expecting maybe a few showers to develop up near santa rosa. then as we head throughout the morning hours, it will be be all about the rain developing for the north bay commuters if you're headed from santa rosa to san francisco. and then as we head throughout the afternoon hours, it is just very slow to march southward. not expecting really anything in the way of rainfall for the south bay. san jose may not even get any showers until we head into wednesday morning. and even at that, a lot of that looks to wash out here from san jose to morgan hill, and also gilroy. do expect the higher totals with this
at the white house. >>> at the white house today, bo, the first dog was on hand for a washington, d.c. tradition, the delivery of the white house christmas tree. a team of horses pulled up the driveway with a 19-foot frazier fir from a christmas tree farm in the mountains. the first lady along with daughters sasha and malia accepted the tree. it will be set up in the blue room and decorated by the volunteers who turn out every year to get the white house in the holiday spirit. >>> back here at home, enjoy the weather while you can. changes are on the way. >> we do have some rain coming in the seven-day forecast. i've got to say 19 feet. that's kind of modest for the white house. >> you're right. >> thought it would be bigger. saturday some sun and clouds. also for sunday, upper 60s and low 70s, and rain returns by wednesday of next week. so plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine before we get changes. >> certainly let's do that. and thank you so much for joining us. "nightly news" is next. and we'll be back at 6:00. good night. orientati black friday is here, so are the crowds and the
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9